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Director's & Officers Meeting Minutes


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Following Annual General Meeting


Location:  Ancaster Recreation Centre

Present:  Dan Carbonneau, Brian Lee, Nancy Gray (minutes)

Regrets – Grant Brooker 

Guest – Bob Sisler

1. Adoption of Agenda – approved


2. Minutes – September 26, 2018 – c/f till next meeting


3. Business Arising from Annual Meeting

  • Motion to appoint additional director for one year. Nancy nominated Bob Sisler as Director at Large.

    • Seconded – Dan Carboneau

    • Carried – Unanimous

Bob accepted.


4. New Business

  • Planning for 2019 – Discussed. Agreed directors will work on tasks individually until first meeting in January.

  • Budget – Nancy will work with Grant to prepare 2019 Budget.

  • Annual Club Affiliation Application must be filed after election of Club

  • Officers and before memberships may be accepted for the new year.

  • Includes updated Club’s Risk Management Plan and Ride Schedule

  • (Dates, Times, Star Location) – Brian will work on. Goal to submit

  • after January meeting so registration is open early February.

  • Directors and Officers Insurance Application at same time submitting Affiliation Application. – Brian, as per above.

  • Recommendations from OCA re web page – Nancy will follow up with Lesley Scime and confirm she will support web next year. Nancy will discuss recommendations rec’d from OCA with Lesley.

  • Follow up on clothing recommendation from Annual Meeting, Dan will review options and follow up with Ted who volunteered to research at AGM.

  • Form 1, Ontario Corporation Initial Return/Notice of Change must be submitted within 14 days of any change in Directors and/or Officers – Nancy to submit. 

  • Survey of last year’s members as suggested at AGM? – Nancy will draft for directors’ review and comments.

4.1 Date of next meeting – Wednesday January 23, 2019 – Nancy’s house.


5. Adjournment – meeting adjourned 2:45 pm.

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