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Our Kit

Redesigned for 2022 


We have taken this opportunity to refresh the kit design in a way that honors and complements the tradition of our original jersey to ensure we look fabulous on the road in either jersey.

  • The VENTURA KIT provides a more tailored fit, state of the art fabric, finer zipper, upgraded compression bands and optional arm warmers – all at comparable cost to last year's kit and still competitively priced with any riding gear out there. Sleeveless and long sleeve jerseys are available in this style.

  • The ELITE KIT kicks it up a notch for those of you that are interested. It is noted as "skin tight and engineered for professional level riding and racing" . The price points are a bit higher here to reflect design and material differences.

Team Headquarters (THQ),

our hometown manufacturer of custom cycling kits

61 Hempstead Drive,
Hamilton Ontario

Phone: 905-389-9745

Unfortunately the 2017 order window is now closed.

If you desperately need a jersey, contact Team Headquarters for some limited sizing and styles. 

NOTE:  Club Jerseys are NOT required, but we do believe they improve visibility and safety on the road, enhance the appearance, and promote our group within our community when riding.

We hope you will consider purchasing one.


These jerseys and shorts will fit differently than our previous club kit so stop by Team Headquarters for a fitting before you place your order. We want to make sure your kit fits you properly.

We are not responsible for items that do not fit properly.

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