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There's a ride for everyone!

[Average speed and distance guidelines]

Group 1

30 – 35+ km/hr

Weeknights:  50-80 km

Weekends:  90–150 km

Group 2

27 – 30 km/hr

Weeknights:  40-70 km

Weekends:  70–110 km

Group 3

26 – 28 km/hr

Weeknights:  40-70 km

Weekends:  70–110 km

Group 4

23 – 26 km/hr

Weeknights:  40-60 km

Weekends:  65–85 km

All riders MUST have signed an OCA Waiver and the Ancaster Velo Risk Management Policy before participating in any sanctioned ride.

Ride Classifications

Ride Leadership

Respect Your Ride Leader…

Every attempt will be made to arrange a Ride Leader for each ride.

We should all be prepared to act as leader for every ride.

Ensure you are familiar with our ride guide.  Come to rides thinking about safety.  Point it out when someone is not following the guidelines and congratulate them when it's a job well done!


Weekend Rides: Saturday and Sunday

Start Times

A clock icon representing the start time for rides

April    10:00 am

May-Sept     9:00 am

late Sept & Oct    10:00 am 

Weeknight Rides: Tuesday and Thursday

May 1 – Mid Sept.  6:00 pm

* Weeknight rides end after second week in September

Start Location

A way point icon representing the start location for rides

Exception:  April 26th start location TBD due to P2A bike race


A cloud/lightning icon representing one potential reason for ride cancellations

A ride may be cancelled due to weather or other factors that may impact the safety of a ride.


If a ride is cancelled all members will receive an email from the club no later than 90 min before the ride notifying you that the ride has been cancelled.


At any point before the ride start or during a ride it may become necessary to cancel a ride for safety reasons. A club officer or ride leader will evaluate and inform the group. 


If you choose to ride after a ride cancellation has been issued you are doing so at your own risk and are not covered under Club insurance.


A map icon representing routes for group rides

A route map and cute sheet will be available on Ride with GPS (RWGPS) before each ride.

You will need to create a free RWGPS account and then Join our Club through a link provided. If you have not already accessed our club page contact us and request a link.

Joining our RWGPS club allows you to receive premium RWGPS memberships privilages!

Get the Mobile App

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Learn more >

Group Rides

New to road riding or never ridden in a group before?


Learn to Group Ride


Steady Pace

(set by slowest rider) 


Skills & Techniques Focus





Refueling Stop

New riders are encouraged to join us. 

OCA Women's Week Rides


1ST week of June


 Join Us for a Fantastic Week of Cycling Across Ontario.

The Annual Ontario Cycling Association Women’s Ride Week will take place with clubs across the province hosting cycling activities specifically to encourage ladies to hop on their bikes. We encourage all women to take this opportunity to be a part of this fun filled week.

Choose from 2 rides

60 km

Group 3

26 – 28 km/hr

45 km

Group 4

23 – 26 km/hr

Be sure to share this opportunity with the all the ladies in your life!

You DO NOT need to be an Ancaster Velo member to participate in this ride.

But you do need to register with the OCA.




NOTE:  This opportunity is open to ladies who are not currently, and who have never been
registered with the OCA.

coming soon

link coming when available

Heading 1

women's ride week
A background photo of group of Ancaster Velo riders stopped at a rest stop

2024 Feature Rides

Conversations Cafe & Bistro logo

Saturday August 25th

 Conversations Cafe & Bistro



Saturday June 22

Tigchelaar Farm 

A cartoon of a rattlesnake representing the Rattlesnake Road hill climb

Saturday July 20

Rattlesnake Hill Climb with a mid-ride stop at the  Springridge Farm


Screenshot 2024-06-02 134014.jpg

Sunday, July 14

Lake Erie Shoreline

wincey mills.jpg

Saturday, June 1 & August 17th

Wincey Mills (Detour Cafe) Paris, ON


 Saturday July 6

Cayuga- Carolinian Cafe

 Check your Ride with GPS for lots more and for any changes and start locations. 


 to Ken and Neil for planning all the rides!

Watch for an e-mail close to the event date for details. 

Not getting club emails? Contact us.

Try-a-Ride 2024

Next Scheduled Try-a-Ride

Saturday 9am: June 8th, 15th, 22nd,  29th

Must have's

Past or Present OCA Member?


Sorry, but you CANNOT take part in our Try-a-Ride program.

Registered members of other Ontario cycling clubs can try an Ancaster Velo club ride anytime. Just let us know you are planning to come out.



OCA Regulations allow for only one free Try-a-Ride ride,

after which membership to Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) and Ancaster Velo Club membership is mandatory.


What to Bring

  • ROAD Bike** – well maintained and fully functioning 

  • Helmets*

  • Identification – Membership Card, Health Card (or copy) and emergency contact number* 

  • Tire Pressure – pump tires up to recommended pressure...road tires are about 100psi...if in doubt look on the sidewall of the tire for BAR/PSI pressure rating (6-8 bar = 90 -120 psi)

  • Flat Repair Kit – spare innertube (proper size for your bike), tire levers and a pump. TIP – Wrap your  inner tube in several layers of plastic wrap to prevent chafing/puncture

  • Multi-tool – in case of any loose parts or something that may need an adjustment

  • Lights – working BRIGHT head light and tail light. (lights on 1/2 hour before sunset, it's the law!)

  • Money and Cell phone ...just in case you need them....and you will (to buy your favourite Ride Leader a Coffee)

  • Water and/or sports drink

  • Snacks – protein energy bars, gels, or adequate nourishment for the anticipated time for each ride. Road riding uses a suprisingly large number of calories…we will be on the road for several hours, many times the time spent in a spin class...enough time to get hungry and "bonk" if you have not eaten since your last meal...try to have a light snack about an 1.5 hrs prior to riding

  • Rain Gear – if the weather is questionable

  • Club Membership/Insurance*

  • Signed Waiver – if on a Try-a-Ride (see link above) 

* Mandatory item(s)

* For safety reaons no hybrid, mountain or cruiser type bikes allowed.

Special Event Rides

Dunnville Grand Tour

August 17-18 2024

Screenshot 2024-06-02 135200.jpg

The Dunnville Grand tour aims to fight against mental illnesses that exist within our community, and we're hoping that you can support us in these efforts For groups consisting of 6 or more riders, we offer group discounts.

The Dunnville Grand Tour is a recreational tour and not a race, which allows you to experience the scenic routes at your own pace. The ride take place on paved roads  which are clearly marked with arrows. Riders will receive maps and turn-by-turn instructions for their chosen route. Rest stops along the way will provide refreshments, fruits, granola bars, snacks, and washrooms. A pasta lunch will be served at the end of the ride. During the tour, SAG vehicles will patrol the road and offer assistance to riders. The tour will take place rain or shine. 


Tour proceeds benefit True Experience Supportive Housing and Community Work Program. Provides vocational and social programs for adults that lives with mental illness. More info about the organization at Thank you for your support and help promoting our ride in advance


Looking for a club that offers racing, time trials, and a more competitive schedule of events?

Check out the Hamilton Cycling Club (HCC).

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