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Director's & Officers Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Location: Brian's Home

Present: Brian Lee, Dan Carbonneau, Bob Sisler, Nancy Gray, Sher Ojero (via phone)

Regrets:  Grant Brooker  

1. Adoption of Agenda – Approved.


2. Approval of Minutes – June 19, 2019 – Approved with addition of attendees to be added to final version.


3. Membership – 131 year to date (as per Teresa as of Sept 16) – Noted.


4. Web Page – okay? - Yes, all fine


5.  Try-a-Rides – were scheduled for July 7, Aug 4, Sept 1 – discussion.  It was noted that attendance at summer try rides was very low (nil on most), however it was agreed that it is best to keep them on the calendar for next year, since the OCA doesn’t allow guests (unless proof of insurance is shown). Keeping them on the initial calendar will be less work, than trying to add later in the year if a potential member asks to try a ride with the club.  

6.  Financial Report – In Grant’s absence Nancy reviewed the recent bank activity which included receipt of two more payments from CCN for memberships and one debit to pay for the RWGPS club membership. Balance as of Aug 31:  $5882



7. Business Arising from Minutes 


  • Ride leader signup method/leading – Brian, et al


Continuation of discussion and confirmation of approach for 2019 – 


After discussion it was agreed that no changes will be made to the method of sign up for 2019. We will stick with the ‘excel workbook’, which seems to be working for most folks now. Brian will send another note reminding members that as long as AVC qualified ride leader agrees to lead (even if it is in the parking lot), ride will be an AVC ride. If no qualified ride leader is available, riders choosing to ride on their own will not be insured under the AVC policy. 

8.  Upcoming Events (Sheri joined meeting by phone)


Feature Rides:

  • Burning Kiln Winery – Sat Sept 22 – confirmed, thanks to Ken for setting up

  • Rail Trail to Brantford – Sat Oct 19 – confirmed, Sheri will look into getting a room at the restaurant and some kind of light breakfast (which the club would pay for), since the service was so slow when each rider ordered their own. It was noted the food was good, and there aren’t other alternatives to the Sherwood Restaurant near the trail.

Year End Social – Thurs Oct 21 – confirmed date; Sheri will look to Coach and/or Pub Fiction for availability.

(Sheri left meeting by phone)

9.  Past Events 

  • Nothing to report


10.  Policies


  • Policy suggestions from Silver Spokes, c/f to off season – Agreed.


11.  New Business


  • Looking Ahead – Annual meeting agreed to be Saturday January 18, 2020, 2pm. Bob will look at getting Firestone Centre room as per last year. Nancy and Brian confirmed they will not be running. Therefore the positions of Secretary and President will be open in 2020. Agreed it is good to share this information with members in the hopes that members will consider seeking nomination.   It was also noted that Ken Jobba has been mentoring Neil as the route manager for next year. Our thanks for Ken for many years of great route managing. 

  • Ride Leaders – It was noted that leaders are still not signing up on Google sheets. It was also noted that as discussed in our last meeting, signing up as a ride leader in the parking lot is allowed by the OCA. Bob noted however, with this method there is no record of the ride leader. Bob has offered to create a register for the club to track who actually led each ride.  Bob will trial this method for the rest of 2019. 

Next Meeting

Wednesday, October 30, 2019*

Location TBD

*adjusted from date on initial calendar.

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