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Director's & Officers Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Location: Brian Lee's Home

Present: Brian Lee, Dan Carbonneau , Nancy Gray

Regrets – Bob Sisler, Grant Brooker  

1. Adoption of Agenda – approved


2. Approval of Minutes – April 17, 2019 – approved


3. Membership – 118 year to date (as per Teresa)


4.  Web Page – okay, yes. Nancy noted she had sent the last two policies (Accessibility and Screening) which were approved at earlier meetings to Lesley to put up on the web. 

5. Financial report – Grant sent this note in advance of the meeting:

Our bank balance as of May 29, 2019 is $5,321.70.  We have had revenues/memberships to date of $3,255 representing approximately 111 members. Our expenses have been $2,685 to date. Beginning bank balance of $4,752 plus revenue of $3,255 less expenses of $2,685 equals $5,322.  Remaining expenses to pay include those we don't expect to pay until after the riding season is over (ride leader thank you party, year end get together).  One expense I am expecting to pay soon is the Ride with GPS membership, budgeted at $350. I also anticipate a few more memberships to come in June, as the riding season kicks into high gear.  In short, we are in excellent financial shape with expenses aligning closely with our budget and revenues similarly aligning with our expectations.


6. Business Arising from Minutes 


  • Ride leader signup method/leading –  Brian et al


Various options were discussed given the low rate of usage of the new google sheets method. Nancy shared the information she learned from the Newmarket Eagles and the Collingwood Cycling Club. (see Appendix 1). Discussion points included:


  •  any change to our policy (AVC rides must have an qualified ride leader, else they are considered ‘non sanctioned, ie non club rides’) would require approval from the OCA

  • rides with an qualified ride leader (even if determined in the parking lot before just before the ride) are inherently safer than riding off without confirming leadership

  • how ride leaders are assigned (google sheets, survey monkey, parking lot determination) can be changed by the club without approval by the OCA


After discussion it was agreed that we would maintain the current policy as stated on our web site:


Ride Leaders

Respect Your Ride Leader…No Ride Leader, No Ride!


Every attempt will be made to arrange a qualified Ride Leader for each ride.​


In the event a Ride Leader cannot be scheduled the ride will still be posted on RWGPS but without a Ride Leader assignment.​


If a qualified Ride Leader shows up on the day of the ride and is willing to lead, the ride will run as planned.​


If no Ride Leader is available then the ride for that group is cancelled and any riders who wish to still ride are welcome to join another group and ride at that groups advertised pace.


  • Brian will send out an email to all members reminding them of this policy and the fact that if there isn’t a ride leader, and the members do not join another group, but ride on their own they are riding as a ‘group of friends’ and are not covered under the OCA insurance policy. We will discuss again next month. 


7.  Upcoming Events


Feature Rides:

  • Sunday June 2- Beamsville

  • Saturday June 22 – Dar’s Delights in Moffat

  • Try Ride – Sat June 1- also Women’s Ride (only Nancy signed up so far)

8.  New Business


Review of any Silver Spokes additional  policies – 

Ken J shared three additional polices that Silver Spokes had adopted:

  • Social Media

  • Adverse Weather

  • Emergency Response

It was agreed these would be considered in the off season. 


* * * * * * * *


Appendix 1

Two Other Clubs Ride Leader Policies




‘We attempt to have all of our groups lead by a designated Group Ride Leader who will determine the route and ensure the rides are safe and fun for everyone. ‘





Looks like it is not mandatory to have a ride leader...


Ride Leaders


A ride leader(s) may be appointed by the CCC Board for each CCC Ride. The ride leader will identify himself/herself to the group so that everyone is aware of who is coordinating the ride.


The ride leader may describe the general ride route, and may provide a brief safety tip at the commencement of the ride. Each individual group on a CCC Ride may or may not have a leader/coordinator.


The ride leader (s) has the final decision on all matters pertaining to the CCC Ride andhis/her decisions must be respected by all participants Ride leader (s) will carry a cell phone for emergency use on all CCC Rides. CCC members are encouraged to carry their own cell phones on CCC Rides. Riders should immediately call 911 in the event of an emergency.


If no ride leader is present, members should continue to follow the Risk Management Plan and Ride Policies accordingly.

Next meeting:

Wednesday, June 19, 2019*

*note change from  calendar 

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