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Director's & Officers Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Location: Bob Sisler's Home

Present: Brian Lee, Bob Sisler, Grant Brooker, Nancy Gray

Regrets – Dan Carbonneau  

1. Adoption of Agenda – Approved (added Feature Rides and Parking)


2. Approval of Minutes – March 20, 2019 – approved


3. Membership – 94 registered, 18 of whom are new


4.  Web Page – Lesley has updated 

5. Financial Report – Balance as of April 17, $4239. To date revenues and expenses are almost equal. Payments from CCN for membership fees have begun to arrive. 


6. Business Arising from Minutes 


  • Form 1, Ontario Corporation Initial Return/Notice of Change – Nancy re sent in – waiting to hear

  • Ride leader signup method/leading – Google sheets method is working. 

  • Initial rides – Attendance has been very good. While not all rides had leaders signed up before the ride, ride leaders were available for all rides before the ride started.

  • New Ride Leader Mentoring – beginning. 

  • Upcoming events – 

    • Try-a-Ride – May 5 - It is hoped that attendees will sign up on line and complete the liability waiver sheet, but if not, Grant confirmed he would attend and bring some hard copy forms for completion on the morning of. 

    • Good Friday Rides? – coffee stops?- Brian will f/u with Ken, but the weather looks poor so rides will likely be cancelled. 

    • First Feature Ride – Monday, May 20, 2019 Conversations Café - Beamsville. Sheri has asked that an email reminder go out. Brian will send. 

  • Clothing/Order Management? – Grant noted the process was very smooth, and Brian noted that Ted had extended the window for orders. 


7.  New Business


  • Request for (partial) reimbursement  for teleconference call – withdrawn

  • Proposal for Pilot of Additional Group – Heather Levchuk’s proposal for an additional development group (see below) was accepted. Pilot will begin May 15 and run until end of June on Tuesday evenings. Group will be called ‘development’ group, as directors noted that any club member (not just group 4 riders) may wish to attend to work on group riding skills. Brian will put on schedule. Nancy to work with Lesley and Heather to put information on website. 


  • Feature Rides – Discussion about changes proposed and questions from members. Brian noted that based on additional feedback and planning work done by Ken and Sheri some of the feature rides have been modified for 2019. The changes include a different winery ride (Burning Kiln), and a different coffee stop after the Rattlesnake Climb (Springridge Farm on Bell School Line). There is a Flying Monkey ride stop planned in August instead. 

  • Parking – Bob asked Brian to remind members to park at the far end of the lot, given the large number of children and parents that are often arriving and departing at the same time due to theatre program that is going on inside the school. ​


* * * * * * * 


Good Evening Nancy;


Sorry for the delay in my response;


Here is the blurb for the Tuesday night Alternate Group 4 Ride


Learn to Group Ride - Alternate Group 4 on Tuesday Nights mid May through July 


This year the club will be an alternate Group 4 ride on Tuesdays, this will be a flatter route staying on top of the mountain, and the focus for this group will be on the skills and techniques for riding in a group. 


The ride will run at steady pace, pace will be dictated by the slowest rider. 


The starting distance for the first 4 weeks of this ride will be approx. 30 kms, with a stop at the turn around point for refuel and discussion. 


I encourage all new riders or riders who are looking for a flat constant week night rider to join us. 


If you have any questions you can contact Heather (ride leader)

Next Meeting 

Wed May 15 per posted calendar – Agreed*

*Directors noted that if there are no new agenda items, May meeting may be cancelled.  


June meeting date tentatively set for June 12

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